Janka grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, chasing lizards and scorpions and riding her bike as far out into the desert as possible. She spent a few years on the East Coast before scurrying back out West. She now lives in the Puget Sound lowlands with three spoiled cats. In the summer she searches for rare plants, in the winter she chases skiable snow.


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  1. Hi Janka. I was lead to the book, Alternate Truths via my following of Jim Wright. What a read! Every story moved me. Your story was one that particularly made me pause. Out loud to nobody I said, “yeah, and how do we wake them up before this IS the reality”. Anyway. Thanks for your contribution. I hope life is being kind to you. Saw that you were in Washington in our area. We live in West Seattle during the week. Our weekend, and future retirement house is at Lagoon Point, Whidbey Island. -Cheers

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