“Residential Update” After the Orange” B-Cubed Press, 2018

After the Orange Facebook 1-1

“Letters from the Heartland” Alternative Truths B-Cubed Press, 2017


“Real” Infinite Science Fiction One, Infinite Acacia, 2014

“Hemphillia Candelabrum” Mad Scientist Journal, Spring 2013

“Photographic Memories” Emerald Sky Magazine, January 2013


“Open Road” 56 Days of August, Poetry Postcards Five Oaks Press 2017

“Rain at Hart’s Pass” Douglasia Journal of the Washington Native Plant Society, Spring 2017

“Pluto” Grievous Angel Urban Fantasist 2017

“Mother’s Smile” Here, There, and Everywhere Redmond Association of the Spoken Word, 2013

“Cooking” Cascade Journal #2 Washington Poets Association, 2011


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